What is a home paternity test?

Referred to as a non-legal paternity test or at-home paternity test. This paternity test is used when you just need or want answers regarding genetic relationships. Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot mail DNA paternity kits to New York residents. Everything

Legal vs. at-home paternity testing?

What to consider when selecting a DNA paternity test?

Legal paternity test:

Provides court-ready results that may be used to resolve child support disputes, custody disputes, probate issues and other legal matters. Samples are collected at one of LabCorp’s conveniently located certified collection facilities insuring proper chain of custody is maintained. A documented chain of custody is required for all tests that may be used for legal purposes.

At-home paternity test:

Referred to as a non-legal test or at-home test. This test is used when you just need or want answers regarding genetic relationships. A pre-paid express envelope is provided so that you may expedite your DNA samples to the lab.

Price & affordability of a home paternity test?

Home paternity tests are cheaper than paternity tests for legal procedure as there is no coordination of DNA collection and other features needed to issue a legal document. Therefore, if you only need the DNA test results to reveal the truth, then an affordable home paternity test is the best choice for you. For additional peace of mind, EDC ensures that:
– The high-quality testing is strictly the same with every DNA test
– Industry-leading features include running every test twice (Duall Process) to ensure the highest accuracy
– Laboratory inspection excellence, proven by 18 perfect inspections of the most rigorous accrediting organisations

Why is EDC the best choice for my home paternity test?

Die engagierten Mitarbeiter der EDC-Labors sind führend in der effizienten Durchführung von DNA-Tests und teilen ihr Fachwissen, um Ihnen den besten Service zu bieten. In unseren hochmodernen Labors sorgen unsere hochprofessionellen Techniker und Forscher für höchste Qualitätsstandards und exzellenten Service.

We are specialists providing only reliable paternity test results. Our DNA testing results are fast, precise and confidential.

How to order a home paternity test & get started?

If you are willing to proceed with the testing process now and to receive your results as soon as possible, you only need to order your home paternity test. This is the quickest way to get started and receive your results online. If you prefer to take some more time to think over your needs, you can order a no commitment DNA test unit. Order your Free Kit now and we will deliver it to you in a discreet envelope. Once you feel ready to order the paternity testing, follow the payment instructions included in the kit, and send your DNA samples to the EDC testing laboratory. Additional family members can be included in the tests. Additional charges apply.

Attention: Peace of mind paternity test results may not be used for legal procedure.

Can I get a paternity test While Pregnant?

Yes, you can get a paternity test while pregnant, and the safest way to do so is with a Non-Invasive DNA Prenatal Paternity test (NIPP). This test requires only a blood sample from the mother and a simple cheek swab from the possible father, and can be performed as early as eight (8) weeks into the pregnancy. In the past, the only tests available were amniocentesis and CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling), which are invasive tests that may cause miscarriage. Because of the possible dangers, most doctors do not offer these tests anymore for determining paternity alone. Fortunately, advances in DNA technology have brought about completely safe, non-invasive prenatal paternity tests that provide answers earlier than ever.

Can I buy a home paternity test if I am from New York State?

New York State has specific requirements for paternity testing including: collection by a third party under chain of custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from  your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analyzed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. For more information on the NYS policy, feel free to contact us.

How does a home paternity test works?

A child inherits DNA from the mother’s egg (23 chromosomes) and the father’s sperm (also 23 chromosomes). Each parent contributes half of the child’s DNA. The child (and every person) has 23 pairs of chromosomes. For each location (“locus,” plural “loci”) in a chromosome pair there is a specific DNA sequence in each chromosome. A home paternuty test works by identifying the specific DNA sequences for multiple loci in the mother, child, and father. If the mother and father are the parents of the child, the two DNA sequences at each locus in the child’s chromosomes must have been inherited from each parent. By determining these DNA sequences, paternity or other familial relationships can be established.

Please take the time to read through all the instructions to ensure you understand how to collect you DNA sample and submit it to us correctly.

Step 1:

Complete the DNA analysis order form. You must include a signature of consent to having a DNA analysis performed on the samples you be submitting to us.

Step 2:

Fill in the requested information on the front of the specimen envelopes. There is one specimen envelope for each person being tested.

Step 3:

Donors should not eat, drink (other than water) or brush their teeth for at least one hour prior to sample collection. Open the sterile swab packets. You will need 4 swabs for each person being tested. Brush inside of one cheek vigorously for 30 seconds in an up and down motion as you rotate the swab to collect buccal cells. Place this swab inside the matching specimen onveloppe for the person being tested.

Repeat the process with a second swab for the same person using the other cheek, and place the swab into the same specimen envelope. Do not seal the envelope yet. Repeat this step for each person being sampled.

Step 4:

Allow the swabs to air dry in their unsealed specimen envelopes for at least 20 minutes before sealing them.

Step 5:

Ensure you have correctly filed out the information on all envelopes as well as the order form, including signatures of consent. Insert the order form, method of payment (If Appicable) and the sealed specimen envelopes into the pre-adressed mailing envelope.

Home paternity test results delay & how it looks?

We guarantee to have your paternty testing results ready within 2-3 days from receipt of samples. A shorter turnaround time of 1 working day can be arranged for an additional charge.

Beispiele für unsere Ergebnisse können Sie hier einsehen: https://paternitytesting.com/support/dna-results-example/

How accurate is the home paternity test?

DNA paternity testing is the most accurate method available for determining paternity. Its power lies in the ability to trace the pattern of inheritance for separate regions of the genetic material (chromosomes). From this information a probability of paternity can be calculated. This number reaches 99.99999% in most cases. The percentage of random men of the same race that can be excluded as the biological father is also computed for every case. Some companies test as few as 16 chromosomal locations for the same price (or more) that we do to test 21 (20 identity markers plus one to confirm the sex of the person). The statistics generated with only 8 locations, however, are not nearly as conclusive, and in some cases can result in wrong conclusions, such as the father being excluded when, in fact, he is the true father.

Does the mother have to be tested as well?

No, although results cannot be as conclusive. Ideally, the mother, child, and alleged father should be tested. A child receives half of their DNA from their mother, and the other half from their father. Because the DNA half that the child receives from the mother will match the mother’s DNA exactly, the remaining unmatched DNA will match that of the biological father. Without the ability to remove the mother’s DNA from the equation, the possibility increases greatly that results will not be conclusive, which may require testing of additional genetic markers, thus extending the time and cost needed to achieve conclusive results. In general, if the mother is available for testing she should be included. In any event, the testing can still be performed and accurate results achieved without a sample from the mother.

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Kann ich per Telefon bestellen?

Absolutely! We understand it’s sometimes easier to talk to a “real person ” when placing an order. Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday (8:00AM to 9:00PM EST) . We have representatives to assist you in English, Spanish or French.

Welche Zahlungsmöglichkeiten gibt es?

Wir akzeptieren Visa, Mastercard, American Express oder Discover als Zahlungsmittel. Wir haben auch Paypal als Zahlungsmittel hinzugefügt.

Was ist, wenn sich die zu testende Person an einer anderen Adresse, in einer anderen Stadt oder in einem anderen Land befindet?

Dieser Fall ist sehr häufig, und wir schicken Ihnen und der anderen zu testenden Person ein separates Kit ohne zusätzliche Kosten (z. B. wenn Sie in Miami wohnen und Ihr Kind in Houston wohnt, schickt unser Labor ein Kit an beide Adressen ohne zusätzliche Kosten). Bitte geben Sie bei der Bestellung nach der Bezahlung die zweite Adresse in unserem Formular an.

Send your own kit sample

How to fast track an order and save even more on your DNA test?
Why wait for several days, or even a week or more depending on local Postal Services for your kit to arrive.
You can start the sample collection NOW and it is easy to do

Sie benötigen:

  • Q-Tips (oder ein vergleichbares Produkt) (zwei für jede Person, von der ein Abstrich gemacht werden soll).
  • Kleine Papierumschläge (einer für jede zu beprobende Person)
  • Einen größeren Umschlag für den Versand der Proben.
  • Klicken Sie hier, um das Formular auszudrucken
  • Folgen Sie den Anweisungen hier: https://paternitytesting.com/support/your-own-kit-sample/

Understanding your DNA test results?

We understand that for many clients, this will be their first experience with any kind of DNA testing. We at EDC have therefore put together this comprehensive guide to assist you in better understanding what your DNA test results are actually telling you

The results in simple terms

The DNA test results will either include or exclude a given person from being biologically related to another person. In paternity testing, the tested putative father is father is excluded as being the biological father when he shares an insufficient number of genetic markers with the child; in this case the probability of paternity reads 0% in your result. When alleged father and child share a sufficient number of genetic markers, he is “included” as the biological father; the probability of paternity in this case reads 99.9999999%.

The combined paternity index or CPI

The Combined Paternity Index (CPI) is a scientific algorithm used for DNA comparisons. When a given person’s DNA undergoes analysis, the scientists examine what are referred to as the genetic Loci or very specific locations on their genetic makeup. These loci help accurately confirm or exclude the genetic relationship between the people tested. Our laboratory analyses 22 genetic loci in order to run a complete and scientifically valid DNA test which adheres to international testing standards. The actual CPI of a test subject is the coincidence, or similarity level, of one person’s 22 genetic markers in comparison with another. It is done by multiplying all 22 paternity indexes that are derived for every one of the 22 genetic loci we test. Using these values we can proceed to calculate the probability of paternity. This figure expresses how many times more likely the alleged biological father is the real father of the child when compared with an untested male in his same ethnic group. In this way DNA tests can positively determine genetic relationships to a startling accuracy of 99.999999% when testing for paternity.

Your DNA test results

During the DNA analysis at our laboratories, the loci required will be extracted, amplified and examined using a process of analysis known as PCR or polymerase chain reaction. This biochemical technology in molecular biology enables us to work with very small DNA samples and provide highly accurate results.

On the actual DNA test report sent to our clients, there will be two columns. On the left hand portion of the report will be the actual loci tested – all 22 of them. For each Loci identified, there are two numbers presented. For example, if the child’s numbers for a particular locus are 12 and 14, the number 12 size loci will be inherited from one side (maternal or paternal) and the other number 14 from the other (paternal or maternal). Our laboratory will be able to determine which locus was inherited from which parent by comparing the profiles of two or more people. Thus, if the alleged father has numbers 14 and 2 for the same locus, we can conclude that the child inherited the number 14 locus from the father and the 2 from the mother.

Contact us or call us for more information.

How to proceed a legal paternity test?

If you need paternity test results that can be used as a legal document, then a Legal DNA Test must be performed. Some common reasons for a Legal DNA Test include:
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Einwanderung
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Forms
  • Will / Estate
  • Court Order
  • Adoption
  • Legal reasons


To make a paternity test legal, we require a chain of custody form filled out indicating who took the sample. To order this test, simply place your order here: https://paternitytesting.com/test/legal-paternity-dna-test/

EDC provides legal paternity tests in the United States, Canada and internationally. We have over 500 collection centers across North America so getting the proper chain of custody will not be a problem. If there are any questions, we can be contacted directly for assistance. Only the father and child are required for testing. The mother’s participation is not required for conclusive results.

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