Reliable DNA testing – can you believe in your testing results?

DNA testing is the standard for testing human identity, and also for paternity, sibling, grandparent, avuncular, twin zygosity and Y-str male lineage DNA comparisons. It would be much more helpful if DNA testing was regulated, however, the fact remains that there are great variations in the way DNA samples are processed in different laboratories.

A number of laboratories use out-of-date methods and test a limited number of markers, some accept to test as only as 6 or 8 markers. EDC DNA testing insists on testing a greater number of markers than the average within the industry and thereby ensures an increased accuracy of your DNA testing results.


100% reliable results based on the DNA profiles obtained

99% of the testing results are completed and delivered within our promised period of time.

x 274 Highest percentage of additional alleles that we test in comparison to other laboratories


Why the DNA testing laboratory standards are not the same? The answer is usually related to the financial aspect of the laboratory providing the test results. It can be much more quicker and less difficult to run a test with only few markers, especially if the results are only examined once and the results are not compared with a second DNA test. Sometimes the genetic profile testing may also be conducted by uncertified students who work part time to decrease administrative costs.

No matter what the price for DNA testing is, statistically it is not possible to obtain the most trustful results from a small number of genetic markers. The most accurate and reliable DNA test results can be obtained from testing laboratories that use at least 25 genetic markers for paternity testing and relationship determination.

Our DNA testing laboratories apply these higher testing standards by using the same technology as law enforcement authorities to obtain DNA evidence, but also by widely expanding this minimum level of determining probability. The more markers are received from two or more individuals being tested, the more precise the testing results will be.

What is the reason? All humans share 99.9% of the same genetic code. As we share so much common DNA, it is possible for unrelated people to match (or in some cases not match) when testing with a smaller number of genetic markers is performed. By testing more alleles, the possibility of misleading matching or exclusion is virtually eliminated, thereby providing us with more conclusive and accurate results.

Paternity and family relationship testing is a combination of identification of DNA markers and performance of statistical calculations about the probability of inheritance of these markers. It is not difficult to understand that the more DNA markers are tested, the more accurate test results will be.

No matter which DNA testing laboratory you choose, it is crucial to take into the account that the price should not be the only criterion for choosing a paternity or family relationship DNA testing. The number of markers being tested is the most important element, and second is the client support and explanations provided. Does the representative of the laboratory you speak with care more about their profit than providing all the information necessary to make the decision about DNA testing that best suits your needs?

At EDC you can be sure that we care more than only about making certain that the testing is ordered. We insist on making clear that the DNA testing service you order correspond to your needs, even if it means referring you to another laboratory that may ensure you meet your needs better. We can also promise you that you will have a full understanding of the testing results once you have received them.

Reveal the truth by means of DNA science and technology. This is a LIFE CHANGING experience. Make certain you choose the most accurate and reliable testing.