What is a legal aunt-uncle DNA test (Avuncular)?

A legal aunt-uncle DNA test “avuncular” test determines if a person is biologically related to a sibling of the father in question. This DNA test is a good option when the father is not available for testing, and the only relative available is a single sibling (brother or sister) of the father. Siblings share approximately 50% of their DNA, therefore an uncle or aunt shares about 25% of their DNA with a nephew/niece. EDC has the most extensive array of genetic markers available to resolve biological relationship like aunt–uncle DNA testing, which is often another way to determine paternity. Other labs do not have this extensive set of markers.

The legal aunt-uncle DNA test “avuncular” report indicates the “probability of relatedness” and a likelihood ratio similar to a Family Reconstruction report.

    • We strongly encourage the mother to participate so we can account for one half of the child’s genetic material and provide a more precise result.
    • Inquire if more than one sibling of the alleged parent is available for testing. This will result in the potential to more accurately ascertain the relationship.
    • In scenarios with limited relatives to test, we may recommend utilizing Y-STR or Mt-DNA testing as well. This testing uses the lineage to confirm relationships. Some DNA is passed down only from mother to child, and male to male.

For a free consultation or to order a DNA test, please call us now. One of our experienced DNA experts will guide you through the testing process.

Legal vs. at-home aunt-uncle DNA test?

What to consider when selecting a DNA aunt-uncle test?

Legal aunt-uncle test:

Provides court-ready results that may be used to resolve child support disputes, custody disputes, probate issues and other legal matters. Samples are collected at one of EDC’s conveniently located certified collection facilities insuring proper chain of custody is maintained. A documented chain of custody is required for all tests that may be used for legal purposes.

At-home aunt-uncle test:

Referred to as a non-legal aunt-uncle test or at-home aunt-uncle test. This aunt-uncle test is used when you just need or want answers regarding genetic relationships. A pre-paid express envelope is provided so that you may expedite your DNA samples to the lab.

Price and affordability of a legal aunt-uncle test?

Legal aunt-uncle tests are more expensive than at-home aunt-uncle tests as we ensure coordination of DNA collection and other features needed to issue a legal document. Therefore, if you only need the DNA aunt-uncles test results to reveal the truth, then an affordable home aunt-uncle test is the best choice for you. For additional peace of mind, EDC ensures that:
– The high-quality testing is strictly the same with every DNA test
– Industry-leading features include running every test twice (Duall Process) to ensure the highest accuracy
– Laboratory inspection excellence, proven by 18 perfect inspections of the most rigorous accrediting organisations

Why is EDC the best choice for my legal aunt-uncle test?

The caring employees at the EDC laboratories are leaders in efficient DNA test processing and share their expertise together to provide you the best service. In our up-to-date laboratories our fully professional technicians and researchers ensure top-quality standards and service excellence.

We are specialists providing only reliable aunt-uncle test results. Our DNA testing results are fast, precise and confidential.

How to order a legal aunt-uncle test and get started?

If you are willing to proceed with a legal aunt-uncle testing process now and to receive your results as soon as possible, you only need to order your legal aunt-uncle test. This is the quickest way to get started and receive your results online. After your order is confirmed and payment is processed, a representative will contact you to schedule the specimen collection or you can select to call us instead. We have more than 1,900 EDC facilities in the US , and contract with more than 13,000 locations globally. We will work with you to find a convenient location for sample collection. Our office is open to assist you Monday through Sunday, 8am – 9pm EST.

Find your local DNA collection facility?

Legal aunt-uncle tests require all tested people to have their DNA samples collected by a certified facility (hospitals, health departments, medical offices). One of EDC’s advantages over other companies is that we have the largest network of certified facilites worldwide, so finding a convenient location near you is easy!

Call us now to order a legal DNA aunt-uncle test. A scheduling specialist will find an office near you to arrange an appointment. Multiple appointments can be setup in different places.

Possible reasons you might need a legal aunt-uncle test?

When deciding between a peace-of-mind aunt-uncle test and a legal aunt-uncle test, it’s essential to consider what you need the results for. Too many new parents hurry and do an at-home aunt-uncle test, thinking the results can be used for legal purposes—but the truth is courts won’t accept those results. Why? Because there’s no way to prove that the samples submitted for testing really belonged to the people whose names are on the report.
With a legal aunt-uncle test, results are accepted by the court, because an independent, qualified third-party witness (also known as a DNA Collector) supervises the DNA collection process from beginning to end, including checking participant IDs, witnessing the handling of cheek swabs, completing paperwork, and mailing samples to the lab. That way, the court can be sure samples weren’t fraudulently tampered with. Here are the top 5 reasons why people need to get a legal, chain-of-custody test.

#1 Reason for a Legal Aunt-uncle Test: Child Custody and Child Support
#2 Reason for a Legal Aunt-uncle Test: Immigration
#3 Reason for a Legal Aunt-uncle Test: Inheritance Rights
#4 Reason for a Legal Aunt-uncle Test: Death Benefits
#5 Reason for a Legal Aunt-uncle Test: The Need to Know our Roots

What are the identity requirements for a legal aunt-uncle test ?

When you go to your sample collection appointment, be sure to bring: Photo ID and birth certificate for people being tested.
At your appointment, we will: Take copies of your Photo ID / Birth certificate. Get thumbprints (or for babies we sometimes get footprints) of all people being tested. Take a ‘mug shot’ of all people being tested. Fill out consent forms and other paperwork.

Legal aunt-uncle test results delay and how it looks?

We guarantee to have your legal aunt-uncle testing results ready within 5-6 days from receipt of samples. A shorter turnaround time of 2 working day can be arranged for an additional charge.

Feel free to consult our results examples here: https://paternitytesting.com/support/dna-results-example/

How accurate is the legal aunt-uncle test?

DNA aunt-uncle testing is the most accurate method available to definitively to determines if a person is biologically related to a sibling of the father in question.

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Is your web site safe and secure?

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Can I order over the phone?

Absolutely! We understand it’s sometimes easier to talk to a “real person ” when placing an order. Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday (8:00AM to 9:00PM EST) . We have representatives to assist you in English, Spanish or French and more…

What are the payment options?

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