DNA Diagnostics Center is the premier laboratory for SCC (Standards Council of Canada) Immigration Sponsorship & Citizenship DNA testing in Canada.

EDC provides full service from the first phone call, fast results, and DNA-collection coordination, with over 20 years’ immigration testing experience.

The Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) accepts DNA testing as proof of relationship between a parent and a child or between brothers and sisters, but only from SCC approved laboratories.

Immigration DNA testing has proven to help expedite the sponsorship/citizenship application approval process.

With a phone call and a partial payment, our Immigration Case Managers go to work for you, quickly coordinating DNA collection at the visa office (for a sponsorship application) or the consular mission (for a citizenship application) of the tested family member. No lab has more experience with Immigration DNA testing than EDC—with over 3,500 collection locations in 165 countries.

Getting Started

If you have received a DNA Letter from the IRCC, EDC makes the DNA testing portion of the process simple for our clients. Our specialized Immigration Team has worked with immigration agencies, visa office, applicants, and family members around the world for more than two decades.

IRCC Requirements:

  • Applicant must contact the laboratory directly, giving them the IRCC DNA letter
  • EDC will explain he procedures of DNA sample collection with the applicant, ensuring all SCC protocols are being followed during the sample-collection process
  • Canadian visa office collects the DNA sample from the family member under SCC protocols and ships samples back to EDC by the fastest, most reliable means
  • Once testing is complete, EDC ships the DNA testing results directly to the requesting immigration office (usually the IRCC) and the applicant via mail or courier
Three Initial Steps:
  • You receive paperwork (such as DNA letter) from IRCC or other agency that requests DNA evidence of relationship between the sponsor/applicant and family member
  • Contact EDC by telephone to initiate DNA test, and let our experts guide you through the process. We’ll cover what you need to know and answer any questions.
  • Send EDC the necessary paperwork and contact information. We’ll take a deposit to initiate the process, then go to work to get samples collected
We then send the applicant’s information and a DNA sample collection kit to the appropriate Canadian visa office or consular mission in the foreign country. The visa office or consular mission arranges the beneficiary’s sample collection appointment in the foreign country (this may take some time). For the applicant within Canada, EDC  arranges sample collection at one of our many convenient locations.

At the time of the collection, applicants must:

  • Provide two recent photos
  • Present documents to establish their identity
  • Sign a release and consent form, authorizing the laboratory to share the DNA test results with the IRCC

Next, the sample collection sites return samples to EDC. Upon receiving all needed samples, we complete the DNA test within 2-9 working days, depending on the type of relationship being tested.

We send the DNA test results and a clear explanation of the results to the requesting office (IRCC) and the applicant. (Please note: We can only release the test results once the balance amount has been paid in full.)

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